Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sad Love Quotes For Him

Sad Love Quotes For Him

Friday, 15 February 2013  at 16:06

Sometimes I may not speak to you. Sometimes I may look away from you. Sometimes I may act difficult to be with. But that is only because I want to see if you really love me.
~ Susan Williams

My heart was broken before you met me. You have touched my heart like no one could and made me a better happier person now. You are really a blessing from above.
~ Ruby quotes-worth
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Love is not about playing games on X box or partying all day long. Sometimes, I
need you and I need you immediately. I just hope you understand that and feel what I really go through.
~ Kimberly clement

She was down and depressed when you left her. She begged you to stay when you were rude. Her heart was bleeding when you bruised her. Still she is ready to forgive you.
~ Anna Peterson

The tears you have caused me, I can only sit and weep. All I wanted was someone who I could love and keep. But you could have never changed, I should have known before. I am devastated, now that you walked out of the door.
~ Pat cooper

All those promises you made about us staying together forever were false. All the times you wanted me to love you have gone in vain. How will I ever be able to recover from this? All I needed was somebody to love.
~ Stella John

Don't judge a girl by her looks. You can never know what she is going through. Maybe she is too busy looking for broken pieces and memories which will never come back.
~ Mia sandalwood

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