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Latin Love Quotes

Latin Love Quotes Biography
Love rays us round as glory swathes a star,
And, from the mystic touch of lips and palms,
Streams rosy warmth!

When it comes to attracting men, logic escapes even the savviest of women. Probably because there is no logic involved.... You can read all the self-help books you want, you can run on a treadmill till you've reduced your tuchas to bubkes, you can stuff your face with oysters, and it won't make a bit of difference. For love, attraction, compatibility, and companionship are not a science of objectivity; they are, rather, far and away the single most subjective matter in the history of the universe. Did Cavewoman X have a romp in the cave with Caveman Y because of his universally sought-after ability to single-handedly kill a wildebeest with his bare hands and bring it to the feet of his intended? No, she probably just liked the way his mouth turned up at the corners in concentration while he chiseled out a piece of flint.

GWEN MACSAI, Lipshtick

When there is love in the heart, there are rainbows in the eyes, which cover every black cloud with gorgeous hues.


The world gets grimy and the love object is in stark relief from it's surroundings. This is love, a pretty thing on an ugly street.


The plough of Time breaks up our Eden-land,
And tramples down its fruitful flowery prime.
Yet thro' the dust of ages living shoots
O' the old immortal seed start in the furrows;
And, where Love looked on with glorious eye,
Thes quicken'd germs of everlastingness
Flower lusty, as of old in Paradise!
GERALD MASSEY, "Wooed and Won"

Love is ownership. We own whom we love. The universe is God's because he loves.


The Maker has linked together the whole race of man with this chain of love. I like to think that there is no man but has had kindly feelings for some other, and he for his neighbour, untiwl we bind together the whole family of Adam. Nor does it end here. It joins heaven and earth together. For my friend or my child of past days is still my friend or my child to me here, or in the home prepared for us by the Father of all. If identity survives the grave, as our faith tells us, is it not a consolation to think that there may be one or two souls among the purified and just, whose affection watches us invisible, and follows the poor sinner on earth?


When you love someone, you don't have a choice.


The problem with being passionately in love ... is that it deprives you of too much sleep.

DAN SIMMONS, The Rise of Endymion

Love fades, the dreamer wakes, the dream is brief.


Love is of noble birth and heavenly origin. The glory of his personality no words can describe. He is as an angel of light dwelling among the children of men.


Love, amid the other graces of this world, is like a cathedral tower, which begins at the earth and at the first is surrounded by the other parts of the structure. But at length, rising above buttresses, wall and arch, and parapet and pinnacle, it shoots, spire-like, many a foot right into the air, so high that the huge cross on its summit glows like a spark in the morning light, and shines like a star in the evening sky, when the rest of the pile is enveloped in darkness. So love here is surrounded by the other graces, and divides the honors with them; but they will have felt the wrap of night and of darkness, when it will shine, luminous, against the sky of eternity.


In a love affair, there is usually one person who loves, and the other qui se laisse aimer; it is only in later days, perhaps, when the treasures of love are spent, and the kind hand cold which ministered them, that we remember how tender it was; how soft to soothe; how eager to shield; how ready to support and caress. The ears my no longer hear which would have received our words of thanks so delightedly. Let us hope those fruits of love, though tardy, are yet not all too late; and though we bring our tribute of reverence and gratitude, it may be to a gravestoon, there is an acceptance even there for the stricken heart's oblation of fond remorse, contrite memories, and pious tears.


When we consider the lofty character of love, and remember his wonderful helpfulness to man, it would seem that he could have no opposition in his work, nor enemies under the sun; yet there is a whole bunch of fellows who are constantly antagonizing love. Among them are anger, hatred, revenge, envy, and jealousy. Love will have no fellowship with these, and if any one of them is admitted into the heart love goes out.
Latin Love Quotes 
Latin Love Quotes 
Latin Love Quotes 
Latin Love Quotes 
Latin Love Quotes 
Latin Love Quotes 
Latin Love Quotes 
Latin Love Quotes 
Latin Love Quotes 
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