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X Men Tattoo

X Men Tattoo Biography

Rachel Summers comes from the alternate future (known as Earth-811 and Days of Future Past). In Rachel's timeline, Jean Grey didn't die in X-Men 137. Instead, Jean & Scott Summers married and had a daughter, Rachel.
The pivotal event in Earth-811 was the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which caused the passage of the Mutant Registration Act and a cascade of events that led to all mutants being rounded up and placed in concentration camps or killed.
Ray was in her early to mid teens and a member of the New Mutants when the military raided Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters. She attempted to save Professor Xavier, but witnessed his death, and was the only survivor pulled from the wreckage of the mansion. After being subjected to horrendous psychological torture, mental conditioning and drugs by Ahab, Rachel was turned into a Hound, and forced use her psionic abilities to hunt down and occasionally kill other mutants, including members of the X-Men and possibly some of her own family members. She was branded with tattoos on her face that marked her as a Hound.
Eventually, Rachel was able to break free of her Hound conditioning and rejoined the remaining X-Men, who included Kate Pryde, Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Magneto and Ray's boyfriend, Franklin Richards (son of the Fantastic Four's Sue and Reed Richards). Together, they hatched a plan to prevent the assassination of Senator Kelly. Rachel would send Kate back in time to possess her younger self. Although assassination was prevented in regular timestream (Earth-616), their future was unchanged.

With no more options left, Kate and Ray launched a suicide mission to stop the Nimrod Super Sentinels. Unbeknownst to Rachel, Kate had encountered the Phoenix Force while traveling in time, and asked that it help save Rachel by sending her back in time to have a second chance to have a better life and an opportunity to change the future.

Rachel arrived in Earth-616, with the Phoenix Force dominant inside her. Soon after she arrived, she was attacked by the Hellfire Club's Selene, a mutant vampire who wanted to turn her into her heir and apprentice, but was rescued by the X-Men. Ray quickly learned that it wasn't her past. Her mother was dead and her father had married another woman.

Ray joined the X-Men, and, at first, her behavior was frequently violent and erratic as she tried to cope with her past. Her rage was extremely evident when her friends or family were threatened. She violently lashed out at her teammates upon learning of Jean Grey's death. When asked to use her powers to find Banshee (like she was forced to do during her days as a Hound), she became nearly comatose. Magneto had to prevent Rachel from killing a college student who had attempted to murder Kitty and Xavier. Rachel attacked Alpha Flight, believing that they had killed Scott.
She also battled whether or not to tell Scott that she's his daughter. She eventually concluded that it was best not to tell him since he had gone through so much recently, and used her telepathic powers to prevent him from figuring out. When Scott's son with Madelyne Pryor-Summers (Nathan Christopher Charles Summers) was born, she formed a psi-bond with him and promised to always protect him.
While sneaking into the Jean's parent's home and enduring memories of her past, she found the holoempathic crystal that contained the essence of Jean. She used it to claim her birthright - the Phoenix Force - to make-up for the horrors that she in the future and Dark Phoenix had done in the past, and to use the power to safeguard mutantkind. She also wanted everyone to remember that Jean had claimed the Phoenix Force to save the universe. By doing this, she was access a limited part of the vast power of the Phoenix.
Next, Ray sought out the Beyonder to destroy him, since she saw him as a threat to everything that exists and saw it as her job to stop him. The Beyonder is a cosmic superbeing, who had become fascinated with Rachel. After making her relive the deaths of the X-Men in her future, he gave her a portion of his power, and then offers her the choice: kill him or save this world's X-Men from a Sentinel, hoping that this would relieve Rachel of her guilt. Naturally, Rachel chose to save the X-Men.
Still, Rachel knew she needed to stop the Beyonder, so she takes the life forces of the X-Men, Professor X and the Starjammers to the M'Kraan Crystal, intent on destroying the universe and the Beyonder with it. But, as Rachel reaches out to all living beings in the universe, Ororo is able to talk her out of it by asking her if she truly willing to kill all of them. They are returned to Earth. Rachel is able to overwhelm the Beyonder when returning his power with the knowledge of humanity that he was so desperately seeking.
While the X-Men were staying with the Morlocks, Rachel had been having nightmares that Wolverine was trying to kill her, which Logan is also experiencing due to Ray trying to use her power to supercharge his healing factor. The other X-Men are still angry with her over taking their life forces to fight the Beyonder, Rachel leaves and continues to be haunted by what she has done and dreams of Logan killing her for it. She remembers the man that tried to help her that was killed by Selene (The Black Queen) and decides she needs to avenge his death, and destroy the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle. Logan tries to stop her on his own, and has to stab her through her heart and lunds with his claws to prevent her from killing Selene. Logan is afraid that if Ray murders in cold blood, she'll turn into Dark Phoenix.
Ray, more dead than alive, was able to survive by telekinetically sealing her wounds. Severely weakened, nearly suicidal and feeling betrayed, she found two bodies recently killed by Selene. She lashes out at Logan, blaming him for the deaths of innocent people and uses the Phoenix effect to drop him in front of a subway. The Hellfire Club decided that the young Phoenix was a threat, but since it appeared that she'd severed ties with the X-Men, she could become useful to them. They found Rachel first, but the X-Men come to her rescue. During the fight, she slipped off, thinking that by abandoning them, she took way their reason for fighting. The fight is interrupted by the arrival of the Sentinel, Nimrod.
As the Hellfire Club and the X-Men join forced to fight Nimrod, Rachel found herself lured into a trap set by Spiral, kidnapped and taken to Mojoworld. (Rachel's time in Mojoworld was to be the focus of the Phoenix Limited Series that was never published.)
The X-Men search for Rachel, but can't find any trace of her. Rogue felt guilty for turning her back on a teammate when she needed her, but Kitty was angry at Rachel for abandoning them during the battle. Logan tracked Ray's scent to where she was abducted. Ororo scolded him for taking matters into his own hands and not involving the whole team.
Months after Rachel disappeared, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler were recuperating from injuries at Muir Island, Scotland, when the X-Men appeared to be killed in Dallas. Kitty and Kurt teamed up with Captain Britain (Brian Braddock, Psylocke's twin brother) and his girlfriend, Meggan (a mutant empathic shapeshifter), to stop the Technet (interdimensional bounty hunters), when they found Rachel, who had escaped from Mojoworld. Brian wanted to go separate ways afterwards, but Rachel gave a speech asking all of them to help carry on Professor Xavier's dream now that the X-Men were dead. They all agree and form Excalibur.
Rachel returned from Mojoworld with her memories a jumbled mess, uncertain what was real and what was planted by Mojo. Therefore, she lived in the present, and was less haunted by her past.
Excalibur takes on a number of threats - Mojo's Warwolves, Juggernaut, and The Crazy Gang.
Then Rachel receives a call for help from her baby brother, Nathan Christopher Summers, through their psi-link. She blasts out of the lighthouse and flies to New York, which she discovers has been transformed to a demonic inferno. Rachel mistook the Goblin Queen (Madelyne Pryor) for Jean Grey, and is blasted out of the air and into the demonic Empire States Building. The rest of Excalibur goes after her, and they all are sucked into the craziness happening in New York City. Afterwards, Rachel watched Nathan and Jean from outside the window of X-Factor's large aircraft.

Next, Excalibur faced odd doppelgangers and other-dimensional foes. They found that while the other members of Excalibur had other-dimensional counterparts, Rachel did not. Following their cross-time capers, Rachel squared off against Galactus.
The Fantastic Four, X-Force and some of the X-Men encountered a mysterious super-being who ended up to be the spirit of Franklin Richards from Days of Future Past. Just as he died, he threw himself back in time to when he remembered being safe. Adult Franklin cyphoned off energy from Ray to exist in her time, and began changing things to the way he remembered them.

Rachel feeling Franklin's presence but unable to remember him due to her fragmented memories, when to New York. There Jean Grey, after seeing the Phoenix Effect, found Rachel and wanted to know who she was. Rachel, drained and confused from her battle with Franklin, unable to hid the Hound tattoos on her face, told Rachel who she was. Jean reacted in shock and horror, since she had been struggling after the events of Inferno to figure out her feelings for Scott. After learning about Rachel, Jean felt locked into a future path and a connection to the Phoenix Force, which she abhorred. Scott arrived with Nathan Christopher, and was shocked to learn that Ray was his daughter. Jean explained that Ray must have been telepathically preventing him from finding out who she was.
The mutant hunter Ahab and his Hounds also followed Franklin back in time. Ahab captured Invisible Woman and Cyclops, turned them into Hounds and used them to find their children - Adult Franklin, Rachel and Nathan Christopher. The combined forces of the Fantastic Four, X-Force and X-Men helped free all of them and send Ahab to his future. However, Sue and Scott remained Hounds, and young Franklin remained in a coma. Rachel uses the Phoenix Force to rebuild Scott and Sue's genes, and return the energy adult Franklin stole from his younger self, causing adult Franklin to cease to exist. Mr Fantastic feared this could cause Rachel to also no longer to exist in this timetime, so she said her good-byes.
However, after setting everything right, Rachel remained still in her Hound outfit including the tattoos. Realizing she still exists, she began crying that nothing had changed and that Franklin had died again for nothing. As Rachel apologized to her mom, Jean turned her back on Ray. Rachel flew off, saying she wanted the same as Franklin - to find her family, and she'll just have to make a fresh start.
Nathan Christopher was infected with the Techno-Organic virus by Apocolypse. A woman known as Askani came to save him by taking him to the future with her. Unbeknownst to Scott & Jean, the Askani clansmember was sent by Rachel thousands of years in the future to save Nathan.
While she helped her teammate Meggan try to recover her lost memories, Rachel realized the Phoenix Force was responsible for her own scattered memories. She willed the Phoenix force to be dominant so her memories would repair themselves. She then had to face Necrom in an epic battle. She destroyed him, but it left her in a coma.
Professor X and Jean Grey went to England to try to help Ray. They went into the memories of the Phoenix, and learned about the history of the Phoenix, it's connection to Rachel and Jean and more about Rachel's past. The Phoenix revealed to them that Rachel was destroyed in the fight with Necrom. While her body was easy to restore, it found her shattered psyche more difficult to repair, so the Phoenix Force took Rachel off to the stars to heal. They wondered if the Phoenix Force was telling the truth or if they would ever see Rachel again, and Xavier hoped the Phoenix had come of age now that it had acquired the spiritual strength of Rachel Summers.

While among the stars healing, Rachel has another run-in with Galactus, and tried to prevent him from consuming a planet. It called her a hypocrite, and revealed to her that the Phoenix steals power from the life forces of the unborn. She returned to Earth, wearing the red "Dark Phoenix" style costume (because green wasn't her color), free of the Hound and Mojoverse programming and with her memories completely in tact. Remembering everything that had happened in her future, she wanted to go back, hoping that the power of the Phoenix could make a difference.

Rachel and all of the Excalibur go to Earth-811 (the Days of Future Past future) and help defeat the Sentinels and Ahab. On their way back to Earth-616, Captain Britain became lost in the timestream.

Jean, Scott & Professor X arrived at Excalibur's temporary base of operations, Muir Island, needing Kitty's help after Colossus had joined Magneto's Acolytes. This gave Jean and Rachel the opportunity to talk and Jean apologized to Ray for the way she had treated her. Jean also told her that there was a good chance that Rachel could be born in the near future since she and Scott were getting married.

Cable attempted to prevent the X-Men from helping Colossus, but was stopped by Phoenix. During their fight, quite a few odd things happened. Rachel could telepathically hear Cable's internal communications. For the first time she attempted to propel herself a few seconds into the future to avoid a rockslide, and she also morphed into Captain Britain, calling Cable Askani'son. Cable and Ray also couldn't explain why they felt such a deep affinity for each other, despite being nearly strangers. Not having time to solve the mystery, Ray sucker punched Cable so she could help the rest of Excalibur battle the Acolytes.
The mystery was solved when it was revealed that Cable was none other than Rachel's baby brother, Nathan Christopher Summers. Cable returned to Muir Island to investigate the unusual bond he shares with Rachel. Shortly after that, they both attended Scott & Jean's wedding.
Ray had been hiding from her teammates the fact that she had been having visions of Captain Britain trapped and needing help. She was the happiest she had ever been in her life, after finally being accepted by Scott & Jean and being reunited with her brother.
Rachel found herself some 2000 years in the future in a world ruled by Apocalypse. She formed Clan Askani (Askani meaning Outsider, and the closest word she could find that sounded like X-Men), to help fight against Apocalypse and offering the humans left the hope of a better world. She called herself "Mother Askani" and developed the Askani philosophy, a pseusi-religion. For decades, the Askani fought Apocalypse, but the Phoenix Force left Rachel as she grew older. Rachel knew that Apocalypse was able to survive by changing vessels, and that Apocalypse wanted her baby brother, Nathan, as the perfect vessel. Rachel sent an Askani clanmember back in time to save Nathan from Apocalypse and the techo-organic virus. Uncertain if they could cure him of the T.O. virus, Mother Askani created a clone of Nathan - who became Stryfe.
Nearly a hundred years after she arrived in the Askani future, Mother Askani realized she was dying and would not be able to help her brother defeat Apocalypse. So, she used her remaining energy to bring Scott & Jean to the future. Severely weakened, Rachel went into a coma after explaining what had happened to her parents. Scott & Jean spent the next 10 years raising Nathan and teaching him to use his powers to control the TO virus. Unbeknownst to them, Rachel's psi-link with Nate allowed her to remain in telepathic contact with her brother and she frequently helped and guided him.
Although Ray was in the coma most of the time, Jean & Scott's time with the Askani showed the change in their relationship with their daughter. When they first arrived, while standing in a pool of blood with Rachel's comatose body, Jean was surprised by her maternal feelings towards Rachel and made Scott swear that he wouldn't let things end like that with Ray. Later, Scott went to Rachel, thanked her for helping Nate and for bringing them together as family, apologized for not treating her like a daughter when he had the chance, and told her that he loved her.
Ten years after Jean & Scott arrived in the Askani future, Rachel died. On the astral plane, she appeared to Jean as her 14 year old self (prior to becoming a Hound) and asks Jean to take back the Phoenix name in honor of her.
When Cable defeated Apocalypse, the Askani timeline was erased. Ray became swept up in the timestream, and while traveling, the Phoenix Force left her. Ray has scattered memories of her lifetime with the Askani, but to her, it was as if she had just traded places with Captain Britain.
She ended up at the end of time, billions of years into the future, where a tyrant and mass murderer name Gaunt had been imprisoned. Psi-dampeners that imprisoned Gaunt preventing her from escaping, but Rachel was able to sent a cry for help to her brother. Nathan, telling his friend Irene that he owed Rachel a debt that could never be repaid, traveled through the timestream to find Rachel. He defeated Gaunt to free Rachel, and they both returned back to the present day.
Overwhelmed by everything that had happened, and not wanting to burden Jean with the news of her return, Rachel decided to retire from the superhero business and attend college. Nathan promised not to tell Jean or her friends that she was back.
While at college, she came across an organization called Students Against Mutants, which ended up to be a front for the group called the Dark Sisterhood in an attempt stir up more hatred against mutants by blaming mutants for planting a bomb at a rally. She prevented the explosion and helped Cable defeat the Dark Sisterhood.
Shortly after that, she was somehow captured by the mutant predator Elias Bogan, without Nathan noticing. She became his pet telepath, doing his dirty work by mentally controlling his enemies to do his bidding.
Kitty Pryde (who also had retired from the X-Men to attend college) was brought in to help Sage's X-Treme team to find Bishop and stop Elias Bogan's mysterious telepath. Kitty was able to free Rachel and helped her readjust after being imprisoned.
Upn rejoining the X-Men, Rachel was shocked to see Scott involved with Emma Frost just days after her mother had died. Considering Ray's and Jean's previous run-ins with the Hellfire Club, Ray didn't like or trust Emma. She turned to her Uncle Alex for help, but to no avail.

Ray and some of her teammates went to England to visit her former Excalibur teammates, Captain Britain and Meggan. There they fought a creature called The Fury. She next took on the Hellfire Club, after a battle with Emma on the astral plane, and defeated Selene. During an adventure in the Savage Land, she was turned into an evolved dinosaur.

Following M-Day, Sentinels and government troops (O*N*E* - the Office of National Emergency) were stationed at the X-Mansion. All X-Men weren't allowed to leave unaccompanied, many remaining mutants were housed in a camp on the grounds and O*N*E monitored the X-Men at all time. This was all to reminiscent of Rachel's future.

After being rejected by Scott and distraught by the situation at the mansion, Rachel sought out a relationship with Jean's parents, John & Elaine Grey. They accepted her as their granddaughter, and to welcome her into the family, had a Grey family reunion at their home in New York. At the party, the Shi'Ar Death Commandos attacked, killing all of the Greys except Rachel (and Nathan) to wipe out their genetic line to prevent another Dark Phoenix. Rachel was saved by Kitty, Kurt and Betsy, but was branded with a deathmark on her back that tracked her whereabouts.
She was unable to remove the deathmark, but Kurt and Betsy wondered if that was only because she wanted the Shi'Ar to find her. Rachel and Scott finally made-up. After having dealt with so much, Rachel snuck out of the X-Mansion to visit Kitty's psychiatrist in Chicago.
The X-Men faced a new enemy who revealed a secret team of X-Men who Xavier went to save the original X-Men on Krakoa and whom Xavier covered up their deaths. Two members of the team had survived. One of them was Gabriel Summers (Kid Vulcan), Scott and Alex's younger brother who was born to their mother while she was held captive by the Shi'Ar. Vulcan captured Scott and Rachel in an attempt to find the Professor, and used Rachel to probe the minds of the other X-Men. Rachel escaped and helped the X-Men find Vulcan, Scott and the Professor, who was revealed to have lost his powers. Vulcan used Rachel to reconstruct what had happened and to find the memories that the Xavier had erased.
Vulcan blasted off to Shi'Ar space, intent on seeking revenge. Xavier assembled a team to go stop him and save the Shi'Ar. He had reserves about taking Rachel, since the mission would be so dangerous for her and was also afraid she would use the opportunity to get her own revenge for the deaths of the Greys. However, he needed Rachel since she was a telepath and he needed to use her abilities.
Since the Shi'Ar could track Ray due to the deathmark on her back, they knew she was headed towards them and a mysterious person named Korvus after her with a gigantic sword called the Blade of the Phoenix. The Blade of the Phoenix was an ancient sword used by Korvus' ancestor, Rook'shir, who was once the host for the Phoenix Force. The Blade contacted a small fragment of the Phoenix and only Rook'shir's blood ancestors could wield the sword. Korvus tracked Rachel and attacked her on board the X-Men's ship. When he tried to kill her with the sword, the Phoenix fragment bounded to Rachel. Their minds connected, and Rachel and Korvus saw how similar they were. The Shi'ar had wiped out all of Rook'shir's decendents, like they had wiped out the Greys.
Korvus helped the X-Men fix their engines and enabled them to meet-up with the Starjammers. They learned that instead of destroying the Shi'ar, Vulcan had joined with the exiled Deathbird to awaken D'Ken from his coma. Meanwhile, Rachel began a romance with Korvus.
The X-Men and Starjammers freed Lilandra, then helped her rescue another prisoner - a Shi'ar general - who could help them. During that rescue attempt, Rachel viciously killed several Shi'ar guards, which went against what she had told Kurt on earth about not killing. Rachel began to question her relationship with Korvus.
The Starjammers and X-Men attempted to rescue Xavier and Darwin. Xavier was to be executed at the wedding of Vulcan & Deathbird at the M'Kraan Crystal. Following the marriage ceremony, Vulcan kills D'Ken then kills Corsair, and Xavier is thrown into the M'Kraan crystal. Darwin saved Xavier from the crystal. Nightcrawler teleported them back to a ship. Lilandra sent them, along with Warpath and the Starjammer Hepzibah, back to earth on autopilot.
Following Corsair's death, Rachel, Alex and Lorna join the Starjammers and vow revenge. They send a message to the X-Men, telling them that they know they have to stop Vulcan since his next target may be earth.
X Men Tattoo
X Men Tattoo
X Men Tattoo
X Men Tattoo
X Men Tattoo
X Men Tattoo
X Men Tattoo
X Men Tattoo
X Men Tattoo
X Men Tattoo
X Men Tattoo

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